DPPDefense LLC

The DPPD stands for Daily Practical Personal Defense. It is based on understanding that your mind is your best weapon and everything around you can be used as tools to defend yourself.

Let us #AddToYourTools

We believe that personal defense is being prepared for any threat. Including but
not limited to, predators (animal and human), weather, and the elements. That's why we focus
on teaching the many precursors and biological responses that can't be hidden by an attacker.

Get to Know Us

Catrina Wylie
As long as she can remember her family has always been self-reliant and emergency preparedness minded, from her father being an EMT to dealing with a major flood at a young age.  She graduated from Ricks College with an Associate Degree in Recreation Education and a Bachelor in Parks and Recreation Management from Utah State. She feels that personal defense fits under being prepared under any situation.  

Robert Wylie
For over the last 30+ years Robert has studied Personal Defense and Weapon craft skills. He has learned from a solid pedigree of world renowned experts in the fields of combat, situational awareness, body language and self defense. Including the opportunity to train with multiple law enforcement agencies. Thru the years he has taught self-defense to youth groups and adults. Over his career he has worked with many companies to help establish multiple policies and procedures to increase the safety of their employees, customers and communities and how to have a proactive approach to their inventory control.

Watch for his book “Defense against Frogs, Dogs and Humans (and everything in between)” 

* Coming soon to bookstores * 

We  have decided to share our knowledge more fully by teaching an array of classes, predominantly in southeast Idaho.
Contact us to host a class in other locations.  
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