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Boise Self Defense Classes

The DPPD stands for Daily Practical Personal Defense. It is based on understanding that your mind is your best weapon and everything around you can be used as tools to defend yourself.

Let us #AddToYourTools

We believe that personal defense is being prepared for any threat. Including but
not limited to, predators (animal and human), weather, and the elements. That's why we focus
on teaching the many precursors and biological responses that can't be hidden by an attacker.

In the Foundation Classes, we go over threat detection and how to see the precursors and indicators to avoid a violent attack or dangerous situation.  We teach practical personal defense including rape/abduction prevention and more in depth classes on edged / impact weapons and firearms. Classes are also offered for parents of children, to young to take the PPD class (12 is minimum age due to the nature of the class), on abduction prevention and safety when in public.

To reserve your spot in a class or to arrange to host a class email us at:
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Serving the Rexburg, Idaho Falls, Boise, SLC, Nephi, Delta and surrounding areas.

Practical Personal Defense Class

Learn how to defend yourself in any situation.  Class includes an introduction to situational awareness, an overview of
 different types of predators (how to identify and defend against each type, both two and four-legged) and a review of
many tools available for protecting yourself and loved ones.  Must be at least 12 years of age. 
Foundation Class 

In Home
Take the class in the comfort of your own
 home with family and friends. 

Minimum of three participants in southeast Idaho and six outside southeast Idaho, require. If you have ten or more participants you as the host will receive a free spot. 
Contact us to set up the class. 

Online course!

Gain access NOW to our Introductory Video course! You will sharpen your skills about Situation Awareness, Predatory Methodology, Effective Targets, and More!

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Predator Identification Class

We teach you how to identify and understand what tools predators use to choose 
victims and gain access to them. Including those who abuse physically, sexually
and for fraud. Learn how to spot predators before they hurt you or your family.

Predator Identification for Leadership & Management

You can identify those who would abuse and take advantage of children
and other vulnerable people. We teach how to identify and understand what tools
predators use to choose victims and gain access to them. Including those
who abuse physically, sexually and for fraud. Learn how to spot predators
before they hurt the innocent members of your family, congregation or business.

Home Security Evaluation

Are you prepared for a home invasion?
Do you have everything in place to keep your family safe?
Let one of the DPPDefense team visit your home to perform a full security
 audit. Where we can identify any weaknesses where  a bad guy might enter
your home and endanger your family. We will help you establish a home
defense plan and ways to  strengthen entrances and other security weak points
including but not limited to; locks, windows and lighting.
We can also help you create a plan for threats from mother nature. 

Other Available In-Home Class Options

Receive one-on-one, hands on training, in the comfort of your own home.
We can customize your instruction to fit your needs and goals. We will help you excel in
the principles of self-defense you need and want to master.  
From dealing with aggressive dogs
 to increasing your situational awareness to being skilled with a large range of personal protection
tools, including helping you decide what tools you want to carry.

We are happy to travel outside the southeast Idaho area.  We just need to charge travel costs for any place
over 200 miles one way from Rexburg, ID.  ($0.25 per mile round trip over the 200 mile distance)


 $50 per person/hour – Minimum of  three participants  required If you have ten
or more  participants you  
as the host will  receive a free spot. 

$125 hour for one-on-one  
Save $25 per hour when you pre-purchase  4 or more hours of training.
 (No time limit on when you must use your hours.)


Practical Family Defense Class

Fortify your family against predators.  For parents of
 toddlers to teens.  Learn to safe guard your family
 both online and away from home.

In Depth Situational Awareness
Learn how to establish a baseline, identify
threats and more principles of predator
methodology and situational awareness.

Predator Methodology
Dive deeper into understanding the 
 and behaviors of different predators
and how to counteract each type.

Edged, Impact and Improvised Weapons 
Specialized advanced training on impact,
edged and 
improvised weapons. 

Corporate Consulting

Increase the safety and security of your team members and customers.
We can help you establish a solid emergency plan and train your employees on what and where to look for pre-attack indicators. 
This training can also help your community by  giving your employees the tools they need to identify things like trafficking victims,
abductions and multiple other threats.   We can also help you set up plans for other situations and disasters.

Ask us about our discounts for:

*  Church Groups
*  First Responders
*  Students