DPPDefense LLC

Inventory Control

“Robert was an integral part of our inventory system. Not only did he create and establish the program from the ground up,…
The system he created is still used in our company today. It has allowed us to simplify and streamline our training, track our materials and parts for stock and job sites, modernize our ordering systems and overall become a more efficient and profitable company.
We are incredibly grateful for the methodical, organized and detailed program he created for us. Such programs take great attention and patience and we could never have done it without him.”

Stacy Browning, Vice President
Leonard Petroleum Equipment

Allow me to share my experience with your company.

You might ask, what does threat detection and mitigation have to do with your company’s inventory control?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

When you have accurate inventory and strong policies and procedures in place, it reduces
the ability of those that would embezzle and steal from your company.

Since the spring of 1996, I have been helping companies establish and maintain their inventory. Through understanding proper procedures and using your computer software the way it is designed to work you can make maintaining an accurate inventory simple. 

In under a year, I helped Home Lighting Center go from a 98% inventory error rate in quarterly audits to a .01% error rate. 

I have been using QuickBooks since August of 2008 and have helped many businesses ranging from
HOAs to multi-million dollar companies from a wide variety of industries to understand
and navigate the software that has saved them millions of dollars in inventory and theft issues.          

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